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Here's what some people have to say about Living Hope Alliance:


 Visitor - "I've never been in a church where I felt this much love."


Regular Attendee - "God is here."


Visitor - "I haven't been to church in a long time. This church is not what I expected. I'm coming back."


Member - "God has used this church to change my life."



Member - "The Holy Spirit of God manifests in this church!"

Do you need prayer?


Prayer is one of our core values!

If there's anything that you would like prayer for - just click on the button below to share your request and we will  pray for you at our Sunday evening prayer service.



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     Come as you are. God will do the rest.


Our purpose is to live the call to be Christ's Disciples, empowered by the Holy Spirit to reach people with God's love and equip them for His good work.


Click here to hear Pastor John's Encouraging 1 minute, "Word For The Day". It's updated regularly. To listen to a full length message, click on the 'sermons' tab.





Aglow International

Living Hope Alliance partners

with 'Aglow International' intercessory

prayer and worship

ministry. They meet in our

church every 2nd Wednesday

of the month from 10AM-noon.